Featured Mini Documentary Produced by Saint Gabriels Newsroom in 2015

There Aint No Pure Church

The point he was trying to make (in my own words) is that we fall for traps such as elitism, spiritual superiority, and see ourselves more wise than legitimate ecclesiastical authority (which falls on both extremes in the faith).   This doesn't mean we shouldn't call a spade a spade, fraternally correct our brothers and sisters in Christ, or give in to our daily struggles, but we must do so knowing our own weaknesses.  We must be as innocent as sheep, as cunning as wolves, and walk our faith with humility.  We can do this by centering ourselves on Christ, balancing ourselves with daily prayer, attending Mass, and constantly confessing our sinfulness.

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Some people become Catholic because the Church is a communion of sinners and slobs who are losers, oddballs, factory rejects, and broken dunderheads who can’t tell their butt from a hole in the ground and who have messed up their lives so badly that they know only God can save them. They don’t know from nothing about liturgical fussbudgetry, high theology, ecclesial politics, or all the obsessions that preoccupy us here in the hothouse of Catholic cyberspace.