Dr. Harvey Speaks at Pro-Life Banquet

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Thunder Bay Students for Life recently hosted the Second Annual Respect for Life Banquet at the Columbus Centre in Thunder Bay. This pro-life event had a good turnout, with people represented from all age groups. Joseph Wenzell and Alexandra Calnan, the event organizers, were very pleased with the success of the event.

Doctor Jerome Harvey (retired) gave an inspiring speech on the abortion dilemma of the last 50 years. In his 43 years of family practice, he recalls how abortion was illegal when he first started, and how the laws were slowly chipped away; until in 1988 when the Supreme Court struck down the existing laws as unconstitutional. He recalls a particular encounter with another practicing Doctor who did abortions earlier in his career.

At the time I practiced in the old Port Arthur General. The main doctor who did abortions name began with the letter H." This meant that Doctor H had his chart slot right next to mine, which is where completed unfinished charts in the medical records department resided. "I remember one day I decided to take a look at his charts. One that caught my attention was a patient of mine. I didn't know she had gone to see him. In the letter to the abortion committee asking for permission to do an abortion he said 'This Indian woman has seven children and is again pregnant and should have an abortion.' I will leave it up to you to decide what his attitude and reasons were. Later on in the doctors coffee room I asked him if it didn't bother him doing so many abortions which in my opinion was killing living babies. This was his answer. 'In the second world war I was a German anti-aircraft gunnery officer. We were good at what we did and shot down a lot of Allied aircraft killing many of the Canadian, British and American aircrew. Am I considered a criminal? No because this was war and I was commanded by my government to kill. Similarly the Government of Canada tells me to kill these babies so it is not my responsibility or my fault.' In light of this I want you to consider the following: Adolf Eichman who was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands maybe even millions of Jews in the Nazi death camps, at his trial for crimes against humanity in the 1962, used the same argument as Dr H. as a defence. 'I was just acting on the orders of my superiors'. His defence was rejected. International law states that every person has a duty to protect innocent human beings. Adolf Eichman was hanged in 1962".

Another gruesome fact about partial birth abortions that Dr. Harvey revealed to us in his speech is this:

The mother can be in the delivery room and say I don't want this baby. As long as she signs a consent form. The doctor then under ultrasound guidance can direct a needle into the baby's heart, inject a lethal dose of potassium chloride killing the baby and then the baby is born dead. The usual situation is that the killing takes place before the woman is in labour and the dead baby is delivered by caesarean section except they call it a hysterotomy to sanitize the killing." According to the statistics obtained from the Calgary University Hospital, 55 late-term and partial birth abortions were performed in the year 2000.

Near the end of his speech Dr. Harvey encouraged all to be "Silent No More", to get involved, and to write letters to our MP's because "Politicians know that one letter usually represents up to 10,000 of their voters." Thunder Bay Students for Life plans to use the monies raised for this event to travel to Ottawa in May for the Annual March for Life. We at Saint Gabriels Newsroom invite you to get out and inform people, and to be vocal about what abortion really is. We also intend to be present at the coming March for Life this May of 2013.