Man on the Street - Canadian Abortion Law

St. Gabriel's Newsroom visited Marina Park in Thunder Bay to ask Canadians about their views concerning Canada's Abortion Law. We weren't surprised to find that none of the people interviewed knew that Canada has had no abortion law since 1988.  The abortion law was actually struck after Dr. Morgentaler challenged the law for years and finally in an appeal process was successful. This has led to confusion among many that there still are restrictions on late term abortions. Accurate statistics are simply not available because clinics, hospitals, and doctors' offices are not required to collect abortion data. Statistics Canada reported at least 534 late term abortions were performed after 20 weeks in 2005. Without these statistics it is very difficult to come to a conclusion on just how many abortions are being performed.

National March for Life 2012

Despite all of this, the Canadian Medical Association recently decided to make a statement which agrees with the Canadian Criminal Code's wording that a baby only becomes a "human being" after being born. Even though most text-books will define a human as being a human at the time of conception, the Canadian Medical Association has voted otherwise. This lack of objectivity is shocking to say the least. These mothers aren't breeding alligators, cats, or dogs but humans. It seems to me the doctors have instead decided to use this as some selfish political means to an end.

The degradation of humans into mere objects is certainly happening at a much more alarming rate than previously thought. We at Saint Gabriel's Newsroom hope to be a part of tide which challenges these injustices; especially making abortion illegal at all stages of pregnancy. Please see our poll on the side of this website, we are curious to know if you, your love ones, or someone else you know believes there should be restrictions on abortion, and at what stage of pregnancy. Perhaps we will see you on the street.