Featured Mini Documentary Produced by Saint Gabriels Newsroom in 2015

Tom Scotus

Atheistic Evolution Is Nonsense

Flickr Image - G. WilliamsA man walks along a beach and finds a sand castle. “How wonderful nature is!” he thinks. “Look at how the wind and the tide has shaped this pile of sand to look just like a castle!” Further along, he finds a dead body, lying face down, with a knife imbedded deeply into the back. “Oh, my!” he thinks. “This man obviously tripped backwards, falling on that knife. The knife may have been discarded in the sand, many years ago. Over time, given the wind and the rain and the force of gravity (the brass handle in this case being the heaviest part), it assumed an upward position, where only the handle was firmly imbedded in the sand. After falling on the knife, this person must have been in great pain, and in the throws of death he turned over on his stomach.”

This kind of thinking seems ludicrous, yet it is the basis of atheistic evolution. The only difference is the two examples above could have happened as accidents of nature (although the odds would be infinitesimal). However, the theory of atheistic evolution is absolutely impossible as we shall see.

Our man on the beach walks further along and finds a mechanical watch. The back has fallen off and he is able to see its sophisticated inner workings. “It would be impossible for this watch to have been the product of accident,” he thinks. “It is too cleverly designed and fabricated.” Finally, he is making the correct correlation between cause and effect.

Now, nature, in all of its wonderful complexity, beauty, balance and sophistication, is much more impressive than a mechanical watch. Yet the atheists say that the whole natural universe is, ultimately, the result of accident! To lend more credibility to this theory, the atheist relies on the time factor. It took “billions of years” for this to occur, he says. However, life can only come from life. The atheist argues that, at some point in the distant past, life evolved from non-living matter, when the conditions where “just right.” However, this is the theory of spontaneous generation that scientists disproved many years ago! Even the most basic life form – one-cell amoebas – must come from other amoebas. They do not occur from non-living matter when the conditions are “just right.” Furthermore, we know that order never results from disorder (nor can order be maintained) unless acted upon by an intelligent force. Nature and the universe are perfectly ordered which suggests that they are orchestrated by the Highest Intelligence.

God is the author of creation. All of creation is evidence of that fact. Evolution, which does seem to occur over immense periods of time, may help explain how God creates. It certainly does not prove that God does not exist!